November 2010

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“If I’m not mistaken – and to be fair I often am on this sort of thing – mares’ tails are those whispy clouds that appear on humid days just before things get a bit stormy. Whatever the potential shortcomings of my amatuer meteorology, it’s a pretty apt description of the dozen songs on Leeds-based Gareth Cavill’s second album.

“Lo-fi and melancholically introspective it may be, yet there’s a Northern stoicism to the delivery that suggests this isn’t idle self absorption but a harbinger of shit to hit all our emotional fans. It’s a neat trick that only a Frenchman or Yorkshireman can really pull off (sorry Morrisey – wrong side of the Pennines) – upbeat moribundity you can whistle along to.”
—Oz Hardwick, R2 Rock’n’Reel, November/December 2010